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Multi-function vegetable slicer

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Multi-function vegetable slicer There is no need to replace any blades. Mandolin slicer all thickness and shape adjustments are achieved with the turning of knobs.


Multi-function vegetable slicer


The bottom knob can be rotated to change the shape of blades
The middle knob can be slid to shred the vegetables thickly or thinly
Multi-function mandolin slicer grater has 4 different gears in top knob
, pull out the knob and rotate it, you can change the thickness of the food as your want.
★【MULTIFUNCTIONAL MANDOLINE SLICER】This adjustable slicer does everything you’d want to do—straight cuts, waffle and wavy cuts, small julienne cuts, and larger French fry cuts, suitable for cutting vegetable and fruit. In total there are 18 different cuts ranging from 1mm to 7mm thickness
★【EASE OF CLEANING & STORAGE】This is dishwasher safe, a dishwasher will get the blades cleaner without risking you slicing your fingers. The legs fold up for easy storage

Multi-function vegetable slicer

★【EXCELLENT QUALITY & DESIGN】Combination of durable, food grade plastic and stainless steel. The safety hand guard holds food securely and does not bind in the track during slicing, a foldable leg with rubberized grips keeps the Mandoline at the right angle for comfortable slicing
★【BUILT IN SAFE BLADES】The blades are integrated into the machine, blade selection and thickness are adjusted with the turn of a dial on the side of the mandoline. This allows for safe transition between blades, as your fingers never have to touch sharp edge
★ Adjustable the Thickness
Vinipiak Mandoline Slicer can shred various fruits and vegetables in different lengths, thickness and shapes,you can find the pleasure of cooking with it.
Good for Slice Wave and Mincing
Allow you to chop julienne a vegetable,shred lettuce for tacos and chop a zucchini help, make different noodles.

Package Included:

  • 1 *   Multifunctional Vegetable Slicer
  • (Dear friend,If you choose the “only box” option, we will only ship one box without a vegetable cutter.)


Material:ABS+PP+Stainless Steel

Color:Gray, White,Red,Silver

Size: 31.8*12*8cm


1、 This hand-held slicer made from Food-Grade stainless steel & BPA-Free ABS plastic offers.It offers all the functionality of multiple appliances with changeable stainless blades.
These blades can cut through all kinds of vegetable, grating cheese, slicing potato and cutting fruits, even can create   paste-like vegetables or mashed potatoes  .
 2 、 Storage in the Side: It has its own container for the blades to put, never lose them or spend time looking for them
3 、 Save Time and Money: With this kitchen cutting kit, you can save 70% time , say bye to watery eyes when slicing onions; And helps you prepare food more elegantly.

He described :

Multifunctional vegetable slicer with mandoline fruit slicer blade grater for kitchen cutting tool

Property :

kitchen helper:
– Manual cutter made of stainless steel and B00-ABS plastic widths.
– Offers all multiplier functions with changeable blades.
– These blades can cut all kinds of vegetables, grill cheese, slicing potatoes and slicing fruits – Storage at the side: It has its own bowl to put the blades, never waste time looking for it.

Save time and money:
With this kitchen cutting set, you can save 70% time, say goodbye to watery eyes when cutting onions.

Side Storage:
It has its own container for you to put the blades in, never lose it or spend time looking for it.



shredding and chopping

the color


31.8 x 11.5 x 11.5 cm (12.52″ x 4.53″ x 4.53″)




Package included:

1 x Protective Hand Holder
1 x Holding Board
6 x interchangeable cutting board
1 x Box

Nicer Dicer Plus 6 In 1 multi-function Vegetable Slicer Cutter Grater The Nicer dicer multifunctional vegetable cutter can be used to cut vegetables in 11 different ways. You can slice, dice, cut, julienne, cube, wedge, quarter, grate and so much more.

There are 5 blades, each made of ultra-sharp stainless steel. Just press down the lid and they’ll easily cut through virtually any fruit or vegetable.

Each blades gives you a choice of different cutting sizes: cut into segments of 4 or 8, cube food in 3 different sizes. It also comes with a grater and mandolin slicer, perfect for rapidly slicing cucumbers, carrots, and potatoes.

When you’re done you can serve, or lock on the stay fresh lid and save for later. Convenient and easy cooking experience.

Kitchen Gadgets

I have to make a confession. I am addicted to buying things for the kitchen. From high tech kitchen gadgets to simple accessories, I have to have them all. In my defense, I do spend a lot of time in the kitchen and I do cook a lot so they do get used.

Fortunately I have a large kitchen with a good work top area and lots of cupboards. If I was dropped on a deserted island without any kitchen gadgets, I must admit that I would probably struggle. It’s not that I’m spoiled, I just love using them.

My kitchen is crammed with the things that I’ve treated myself to and I also receive kitchen gadgets as gifts. It drives my husband mad! There are basic fundamentals that I update every so often, such as the food processor and deep fryer.

Now, I’m not saying that an ice cream maker is essential but it is fun, as is the yogurt maker. I love my bread maker.

I can put the mixture in at bedtime and wake up to the wonderful smell of freshly baked bread. The only down side is that I put on weight because the bread is so tasty. The rice cooker is very useful too, no more sticky lumps of goo.

I like to cook dishes from around the world so my kitchen gadgets reflect that I have a pasta maker and parmesan cheese shaver.

I also like Chinese food so I have a non stick wok with all the accessories and a bamboo steamer for fish and vegetables. Indian food is another of my favorites and I have a set of Balti cooking pans and bowls.

Not all kitchen gadgets are the result of modern technology. One of my treasured possessions is my granite pestle and mortar. It’s very efficient for crushing herbs and spices for my curries and I think it’s just about unbreakable.

My Espresso coffee maker saves me in the mornings. That’s one of the things I’d rescue from the house if there was a fire. I insist on the best, sharp kitchen knives and I have an electric knife sharpener. My knives sit in a knife block, including the large meat cleaver.

I also have a knife with an extra thin blade for slicing salmon and ham. My other kitchen gadgets include a fruit and vegetable slicer, a juicer and a salad spinner.

Most of my friends grew out of the 1970s phase for fondue sets, but I still like them and I have a very nice cast iron one. I also like to make jam from the plums and blackberries that grow in my garden. I have the pan, thermometer and muslin strainer.

You can’t beat a good old fashioned egg timer for making perfect eggs. Probably the most useful of the kitchen gadgets I have is the bookshelf that holds all my recipe books!
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