The importance of the kitchen in our daily life

Kitchens are more than just places to cook in today’s homes

The importance of the kitchen in our daily life

Candles, baskets filled with fruit and small decorative containers are all fun ways to add a new feel to your kitchen.

Most of these items can be found at nearby discount stores including empty olive oil bottles that take no time to fill with robust oils.

Healthy eating is on the minds of almost everyone today. We all know that we should steer clear of red meats, refined sugars and too much alcohol.

Cooking methods that use olive oil are becoming more and more popular. Storing the oil in specially designed bottles can not only create a healthier way of cooking but they also add to the character of your kitchen.

They come in all different shapes and sizes and you can even make your own. You can also make your own flavored oils in olive oil bottles that you can then give as gifts to family and friends.

Not everyone has the ambition or time to create their own flavored oils so if you purchase a few olive oil bottles, some good quality oil and a few herbs and spices, you can create gifts for everyone on your list.

You can even purchase labels that go directly on the bottles after you’ve filled them. You can print them out on your computer and include the name of the recipient and the occasion.

Once you’ve got the olive oil bottles done, put them each in a tall gift bag and tie them up with a ribbon. Who wouldn’t love getting this for a special occasion?

Also consider making a few extras to take along as hostess gifts when you’ve been invited to a dinner party. Many people go the traditional route and come bearing a bottle of wine or a bouquet of flowers.

A few small olive oil bottles filled with flavored oil will always be welcomed.

Don’t give them all away though. You’re going to want to save some for yourself so you can add extra layers of flavor to your own cooking.

Lining up the olive oil bottles on your counter near that stove will ensure that you’ll remember to use them each and every time you cook with oil.

Red is a great color for just about any kitchen space

The bright red pepper is lovely to see in a kitchen space. There is something so appealing about the design that I couldn’t resist adopting it into my own home.

The importance of the kitchen in our daily life
The importance of the kitchen in our daily life

The chili pepper décor didn’t take over the kitchen at first. The process was pretty gradual. Following are some supplies that led to a room filled with this spicy theme.

The first item I received in this decorative kitchen theme was a pair of salt and pepper shakers. They are bright, bright red and shaped like chili peppers.

I love the high gloss finish and the deep red color. Since these items were in plain sight all day long I thought about using a chili pepper décor motif for the room.

I went back-and-forth on this decision because I was pretty happy with my black and white design that I had before. However, the hot red shakers really caught my eye each and every time I entered the room.

They made me want to cook and they made me want to consider the chili pepper décor a little more seriously.

My friends were also attracted to the idea of the chili pepper décor idea for my kitchen. The person who bought the shakers probably had no .

idea that the gift would lead to a collection of items that fill the room with vibrant color. She also didn’t know that it would lead to other similar gifts from others.

My sister bought me a pitcher that is just perfect for the chili pepper décor motif. She figured that it would go well with the shakers that we all love so much.

That present was followed by a whole ensemble of placemats, napkins and curtains all suiting the chili pepper décor. My husband bought these.

I love the look in my kitchen and I think that the chili pepper décor goes perfectly with the overall black and white room. It really adds character and color to the space.

It looks as if the entire room was renovated but all that was added was a few bright, vibrant items that set the whole tone in the area.

Kitchen Gadgets

I have to make a confession. I am addicted to buying things for the kitchen. From high tech kitchen gadgets to simple accessories, I have to have them all.

The importance of the kitchen in our daily life
The importance of the kitchen in our daily life

In my defense, I do spend a lot of time in the kitchen and I do cook a lot so they do get used. Fortunately I have a large kitchen with a good work top area and lots of cupboards.

If I was dropped on a deserted island without any kitchen gadgets, I must admit that I would probably struggle. It’s not that I’m spoiled, I just love using them.

My kitchen is crammed with the things that I’ve treated myself to and I also receive kitchen gadgets as gifts. It drives my husband mad!

There are basic fundamentals that I update every so often, such as the food processor and deep fryer. Now, I’m not saying that an ice cream maker is essential but it is fun, as is the yogurt maker.

I love my bread maker. I can put the mixture in at bedtime and wake up to the wonderful smell of freshly baked bread.

The only down side is that I put on weight because the bread is so tasty. The rice cooker is very useful too, no more sticky lumps of goo.

I like to cook dishes from around the world so my kitchen gadgets reflect that I have a pasta maker and parmesan cheese shaver.

I also like Chinese food so I have a non stick wok with all the accessories and a bamboo steamer for fish and vegetables.

Indian food is another of my favorites and I have a set of Balti cooking pans and bowls. Not all kitchen gadgets are the result of modern technology.

One of my treasured possessions is my granite pestle and mortar. It’s very efficient for crushing herbs and spices for my curries and I think it’s just about unbreakable.

My Espresso coffee maker saves me in the mornings. That’s one of the things I’d rescue from the house if there was a fire.

I insist on the best, sharp kitchen knives and I have an electric knife sharpener. My knives sit in a knife block, including the large meat cleaver.

I also have a knife with an extra thin blade for slicing salmon and ham. My other kitchen gadgets include a fruit and vegetable slicer, a juicer and a salad spinner.

Most of my friends grew out of the 1970s phase for fondue sets, but I still like them and I have a very nice cast iron one.

I also like to make jam from the plums and blackberries that grow in my garden. I have the pan, thermometer and muslin strainer.

You can’t beat a good old fashioned egg timer for making perfect eggs. Probably the most useful of the kitchen gadgets I have is the bookshelf that holds all my recipe books!

More Kitchen Products

It is amazing how many gadgets you can find to use in your kitchen. There are cake decorating bags that can make you feel like a pastry chef at an exclusive resort,

The importance of the kitchen in our daily life
The importance of the kitchen in our daily life

talking bottle openers that root for your favorite team, talking pizza cutters that sound like Homer Simpson and handheld bug zappers that make sure your dining experience is not interrupted by uninvited guests.

People enjoy reaching into their cupboards and finding the latest in cooking equipment too. Many people prefer to use more than one sauté pan at a time,

and find that they prefer two of the same size in many cases. It’s refreshing to know that there are online kitchen collections that will let people pick and choose which cookware items they need to use in their kitchens.

There are an abundant amount of novelty gadgets that will keep everyone amused for hours. For Nascar fan, there might be a slow cooker with their favorite driver’s logo on the side.

This item would be perfect for tailgate parties and at-home parties where friends would be amazed at your cleverness and the marvelous food that each cooker holds.

When people cook dinner, they want to be able to prepare delectable meals for their family, but do not want to spend a lot of time in the kitchen.

They prefer to use their precious time off from work with family member. Every meal can be a festive occasion when you are equipped with cooking items such as omelet pans, non-stick griddles and 30 quart stock pots filled to the rim with lobster and crawfish.

Kitchens can be organized to save time and many cooks prefer to use pot racks to hang their marvelous assortment of steaming vessels.

One night they might select a round BBQ wok and create Asian cuisine that is out of this world. Another night, they might cook a splendid pork roast that is so succulent the juices are 2 inches deep in the pan.

For any person that wants to learn how to cook better, there is always the standard cook book that stands ready to guide you through the motions.

kitchen crisis might be order however, when you have recipes that were handed down several generations and someone asks you to prepare them for a family gathering.

While you can read the recipe quite clearly, you are unsure if your kitchen has the right pots and pans to get the job done in stellar fashion.

Some cooking pans are equipped with vents, and others feature pure stainless steel tops that provide a full seal around the top with a overhanging edge.

Many of these types of lids have inserts that can be used for home canning projects. The more perplexing pieces of equipment that can be found in the kitchen are double-

boiler types that are rarely used but are one of the things that old recipes require from time to time. Knowing which one is the right one to use in these marvelous recipes might make the difference between success and failure in your cooking endeavors.

Plenty Of Garlic Gadgets Available For Garlic Lovers

No kitchen is complete without a few accessories all developed for the sole purpose of extracting the delicious flavor of garlic.

best of high and low cholesterol recipe
The importance of the kitchen in our daily life

No matter if a person is of an Italian descent, an Italian food lover, a professional chef, or a regular person who likes the taste of garlic, the proper garlic tools are necessities.

Garlic is a strong smelling and tasting, and specific garlic gadgets make the cloves easier to peel, crush, chop, press, roast, and grate.

Garlic is an ingredient present in many recipes. Since it can have a strong flavor, it is sometimes used in small amounts.

However, there are many people who love the taste of garlic and can’t seem to get enough of it. For these people, garlic can be added to recipes in bulk.

Since garlic must be removed from its skin before it is used, several tools can assist in making this sometimes difficult job much easier.

Most garlic tools can be purchased for a relatively small amount of money, some as little as a few dollars. However,

there are quite a few tools which all do different things to a clove of garlic, and a person may or may not need all of them. The need for the tools depends on how much garlic a person tends to use in their daily or weekly cooking.

Garlic Peeler
No matter if a single garlic clove or a whole head of garlic is being used for a recipe, everyone can benefit from a garlic peeler.

Anyone who has ever tried to peel individual garlic cloves using their fingernails knows how tedious it can be. A garlic peeler can greatly speed up the peeling process and it is very easy to use.

By placing a clove or garlic in a garlic peeler, the skin of the garlic sticks to the peeler and the inside of the garlic clove is left for cooking.

Using this tool will speed up the garlic peeling process and at the same time it will alleviate the everlasting garlic smell that can remain on fingers.

Garlic Roasters
True garlic lovers should not live without a garlic roaster. While a piece of aluminum foil can serve as a makeshift garlic roaster, an official roaster, made out of a terra cotta plate, a rounded lid, and ventilation holes, is the best way to roast a head of garlic.

Placing an entire head of garlic (with the top cut off) in a roaster and drizzling it with olive oil, salt and pepper, and baking for about one hour will yield a delicious, soft head of garlic.

Individual garlic cloves can be squeezed out of the head and spread directly on a cracker or a piece of bread for a delicious treat.

Garlic Slicers
It’s very difficult to cut garlic into very thin pieces using a knife, and it takes a lot of practice and experience to slice garlic in an efficient manner.

So, if a large number of garlic slices is needed for a recipe, a garlic slicer can come in very handy. Garlic slicers ensure that pieces of garlic are uniform in shape and thickness, and they are as easy to use as cheese graters!

Garlic Keepers
Most people come home from the grocery store with a bag full of garlic heads and throw them in the refrigerator. This, however, is not a recommended place to store garlic.

In fact, garlic should not be stored on a kitchen counter either since direct sunlight is not good for it. Garlic keepers can be cute accessories to add to any kitchen, as they come in many styles.

Storing heads of garlic in a garlic keeper allows the garlic to remain in a cool, dry place away from sunlight.

Garlic Press
Simply chopping a clove of garlic into a million pieces with a knife and a chopping board does not produce the same effect as a piece of garlic that has been put through a garlic press.

A garlic press is a tool that squeezes the garlic and presses it into tiny pieces. Some recipes call specifically for pressed garlic, and there is really no way to obtain pressed garlic without using this specific tool.

There are numerous other garlic tools and gadgets available, and most are very inexpensive. The best way to determine what is needed in a specific kitchen is to evaluate the daily,

weekly and/or monthly garlic consumption in a household, and judge what tools would make preparing the garlic easier for the cook.

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