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Manufacturing Flavored Coffee Beans


Manufacturing Flavored Coffee Beans

The sprouting of specialty coffee shops has stirred many people worldwide into drinking coffee.

Even multi-national coffee shop companies have decided to go head on and open coffee shops in China where tea is very popular amongst hot beverages.

The flavored coffee bean sector has tripled or even quadrupled its sales volume for the past few decades when people have realized the rich complementary flavor of flavored coffee beans.

Coffee experts would view the flavoring of the coffee as an enhancement of what really is the true coffee flavor and not to overpower it.

Many have come to love their favorite flavored coffee bean but only a few have come to see and share what really goes behind in making it.

Processing of the beans

The common method of processing the coffee bean is the dry method. The harvested beans are laid on the dryer and are exposed to the sun for it to dehydrate.

Through milling, the coffee bean is then separated from the plant or other debris. The next step is roasting the beans.

Roasting can have five different levels of roast which are commonly known as the following: American Roast, Viennese Roast, Italian Roast, French Dark Roast, and Espresso Black Roast.

Adding the Flavor to the Beans

The best type of roast where a flavor can be appreciated is the medium roast. The flavor is just right to be tasted without sacrificing the roasted coffee’s taste nor having too powerful a roast to be flavored with.

Having a mild roasted coffee bean flavored can raise the coffee’s taste to be lost with the flavoring and a dark roasted coffee can trample the flavoring added to it.

An industry wide practice is to limit the flavoring oil to only 2 – 3% of the total weight of the processed batch to have a good balance of taste and aroma between coffee roast and flavoring.

Packing the Flavored Coffee Beans

After the mixing process, the flavored coffee beans are packed in foiled packages to ensure freshness and seal all the oils inside to preserve that rich taste, texture and aroma.

Since the process of roasting coffee beans releases the essential oils and may stale quickly, packing these beans must be done as quickly as possible so that it won’t be exposed to the atmosphere and to ensure that the packaging is oxygen free as possible.

To ensure fresh flavored brewed coffee, the processed roast must be consumed within two to three weeks from its manufacture date and must be stored in a cool, dark place.

A Brief Overview of Gourmet Coffee

The word Gourmet is used to refer to the fancier grade, cut, or quality of many of the foods and beverages we consume.

Gourmet foods and drinks have long been associated as the regular fare for the rich and famous who can afford the higher pricing that often accompanies many of these finer food and beverage versions.

Coffee is a beverage that has been available in cheap, regular and gourmet versions for a long time and the consumption rate of coffee among people from around the world continues to increase every year.

Gourmet coffee may have once only been served in the finest dining establishments and found being served mostly in the homes of the upper class, but gourmet coffee is widely available and affordable to a variety of people and is found in a variety of settings today.

Coffee is made from coffee beans which are found within the berries that develop and ripen on a number of smaller evergreen bush plant species known as the Coffee plant.

After ripening, coffee berries are harvested, and then undergo a processing which also includes drying them. It is the coffee beans that remain after the processing and drying of the coffee berries.

The beans are then roasted to various degrees which cause them to change physically and in the tastes they produce.

Finally, the coffee beans are grinded down into a fine consistency that is commonly known as coffee grounds, and packaged and shipped to destinations around the world where consumers can buy and brew coffee grounds to make coffee in commercial, hospitality, institutional, and residential settings.

Some people prefer to grind their own coffee beans before brewing them for coffee. Packaged coffee beans that have not been ground can be purchased in stores and ground using the grinding mills that are made available in most of the stores selling them, but also with grinding machines in the home.

The two most commercially grown species of the coffea plant that produce the coffee beans used to make the coffee that the world’s population consumes, are Robusta and Arabica.

Gourmet coffee is made from the top tier coffee beans from the arabica coffea plant. These top tier arabica coffea plants are typically grown at very high altitudes (above 3000ft) with ideal soil and climate conditions.

The coffee beans produced have fuller flavors, are more aromatic, and have less caffeine in them than other varieties of coffee beans such as Robustas.

The coffee beans of arabica coffea plants grown at lower altitudes are still noted among consumers as having richer flavors than the flavors produced by Robusta coffee beans, but it is only the top tier arabica coffee beans that are considered to be Gourmet, and thereby from which gourmet coffee is derived.

Coffee bean grounds and coffee beans that have not been grinded down need to be stored in air-tight containers and kept cool in order to protect them from losing their flavor.

The containers that coffee is typically sold in are not the most ideal for storing coffee for a long period of time. When you arrive home after purchasing coffee grounds at the store, consider transferring the fresh coffee grounds to appropriate storage containers to extend its shelf life and full flavor.

Coffee can be brewed in many ways such as boiling, pressuring, and steeping. Most of us brew our coffee using automatic coffee brewing machines and percolators which use gravity to

pull hot water through coffee grounds where the hot water mixed with the oils and essences of the coffee grounds empties into a liquid holding container below.

Filters are used to keep coffee granules from being emptied into the carafe or liquid holding container from which the brewed coffee can then be served from because most people do not want to drink the coffee granules.

Coffee granules can be very bitter once the flavor able oils and essences have been removed through the brewing process.

Plants and flowers love coffee grounds though for anybody who is looking for a greener alternative of what to do with coffee grounds after brewing instead of just throwing them in the trash.

Of course, Gourmet coffee beans are only the beginning to creating a truly gourmet coffee experience for many gourmet coffee drinkers.

Some people are quite content with drinking their gourmet coffee black, without adding anything like milk, creamer, sugar or other sweeteners or flavorings,

to their coffee. While many others want to enhance their gourmet coffee and drinking experience with tasty additions like milk that is whipped into a froth,

sweeteners, and mixing in other flavors like chocolate, vanilla, cinnamon, and mint, to name just a few. Big name coffee chains sell a wide variety of gourmet coffee with different tasty additions and flavors to appeal to gourmet coffee lovers.

However, brewing gourmet coffee at home is usually much cheaper, and you can add what you want to your coffee to satisfy your refined, gourmet tastes.

6 Tips For When You Buy Coffee Beans

People who are looking to buy coffee beans generally make a quick decision. They base their choice on the packaging that the coffee is in.

The History of the Espresso Machine
Manufacturing Flavored Coffee Beans

They may base their decision on the commercial that they have seen for a specific brand. While these are easy ways to choose coffee beans, they are not the best.

There are specific things that you should look for and do when you are choosing coffee beans. These 6 tips will help you to make the best decision possible.

Smell The Coffee

Smelling the coffee first thing that you should do when comparing coffee beans. It can help you to better understand the full flavor of the coffee.

It will also show you the smell that you will be waking up to when you make your coffee. While all of the other aspects of coffee are important, this will help you to choose the better coffee.

Ask for a Sample

If you can, ask for a sample of the coffee. Samples will allow you to taste the coffee. This is the ultimate way to buy coffee. Samples are not always available.

Simply ask the store for a sample of coffee. Even if you have to pay for the sample, it will be worth the small purchase.

Visit a Coffee Shop

Visit a coffee shop to see what various types of coffee beans are available. Coffee shops will often have different kinds of coffee that are not found in other stores.

Read Online Reviews

Online reviews can help you to narrow down your coffee bean choices. Online reviews can give you a general understanding of the quality of the brand. If the coffee is too weak or too strong, the reviews will let you know. If the flavor is off, a review will let you know.

Purchase Sample Sizes

Some types of coffee beans can be purchased in sample sizes. These smaller bags of coffee will allow you to try out the coffee before you commit to a purchase of a full bag.

Try New Things

Don’t be afraid to try new things. Unique and unfamiliar types of coffee could wind up as your favorite brand. If you can afford it, simply purchase various types of coffee. This will give you a better understanding of coffee beans on the market.

Smelling the coffee will give you a better understanding of the flavor of the coffee. It can help you to fully understand the aroma that will be in your home when you make the coffee. Asking for a sample, when available, is the quickest way to buy coffee beans.

Visiting a coffee shop and reading online reviews will give you the full range of available coffee beans. Purchasing sample sizes is an

easy way to try various types of coffee without the financial burden of buying an entire bag. By being willing to try new things, you will find it easy to purchase coffee.

Home Coffee Roasters: Enjoy The Sip To The Fullest!

If you happen to be an ardent coffee lover, there could not be a better way to enjoy a mug of coffee than brewing coffee beans on your own.

Manufacturing Flavored Coffee Beans
Manufacturing Flavored Coffee Beans

And making coffee out of these self-roasted beans would be a fulfilling experience. I bet! You would love to have and offer others this self brewed coffee.

If you think I am kidding with you, then you need to think again. A good number of home coffee roasters are on the block and are quite easy to operate.

You can buy home one such roaster to enjoy the perfect cup of coffee with self brewed and roasted coffee beans.

Every morning you can roast beans as per your requirement and enjoy the mug full of coffee with your desired taste. What a fantastic way to greet the day!

Although these roasters offered for home use happen to be a bit pricey, but this cost could be borne for your urge to enjoy perfect cup of coffee every morning.

Moreover you get liberty to roast as per your taste. If you are not willing to enjoy a strong cup of coffee you can roast it for comparatively lesser time, you can also do it vice a versa.

But coffee brewing is an art that you will have to learn gradually, otherwise you would end up destroying processed beans that you have bought for roasting.

These home coffee roasters are comparatively small in size and are run by a computerized mechanism. They also possess a display unit to show level of heat given to beans.

After buying one such roaster you are up to a task of choosing right quality beans which you can easily do by paying a visit to a nearby gourmet store. You can buy beans in bulk but the container in which you would store beans must be air tight.

You may get information booklet or brochure with the roaster at the time of buying that would help you in providing only required heating to the beans.

Roasting Coffee Beans At Home For The Freshest Taste

Millions of people around the world have discovered the enjoyment experienced by drinking a cup of fresh

Manufacturing Flavored Coffee Beans
Manufacturing Flavored Coffee Beans

-brewed coffee first thing in the morning, whether they make it at home or stop at the local coffee shop on the way to work. In fact, millions of people repeat that experience two or three more time throughout the day.

So many people enjoy their coffee that there is at least one Starbucks in most cities worldwide. Whether you enjoy a latte, cappuccino, espresso,

or a favorite flavor of coffee such as Vanilla or Hazelnut, and whether you are enjoying your cup surrounded by friends at a coffee shop or alone at your desk, coffee is truly one of the pleasures of life.

Now that we can buy our own roaster, grinder, coffee maker or espresso machine, we can enjoy our favorite coffee right at home for a fraction of the price.

With so many options available you can even enjoy gourmet coffee more and pay less for the privilege by starting with whole beans and grinding them yourself with a $20 coffee grinder and then using a $20 coffee maker.

You can go one step further and purchase your own roaster. Roasting your own beans provides coffee beans that are even fresher than buying them roasted.

Roasting is not hard, and you are free to roast a short time for a light coffee, a longer time for a dark coffee, and everywhere in between.

When stored in an airtight and completely dark container, roasted coffee beans will last an average of one to two weeks.

How long you roast the beans depends on if you like light, medium, or dark coffee. The Europeans are known to prefer a dark variety of beans, while Americans prefer lighter shades.

Somehow the influential marketing gurus at roasting companies have managed to convince the masses that dark roasted coffee equals gourmet coffee.

It is not true. There are certain coffee beans that are better when roasted lightly, others when roasted medium, and others when roasted dark.

Those that make a good light coffee include the Haitian blends. Others, such as the sweet Dominican coffee, make a good dark roast.

Typically, coffee beans from South America and grown at higher altitudes tend to be better suited to dark roasting.

Indonesian coffees are also grown at high altitudes, but not as high as South American coffee, and so tend to do better with shorter roasting times.

Roasted beans can then be placed in your grinder. For a course grind spin your blade grinder for 7-10 seconds. A medium grind will take 10-14 seconds and a finer grind will take 15-20 seconds.

By roasting, grinding, and brewing at home you save time and money. Commuters can consider making gourmet coffee drinks at home

before departing for work and enjoy it at home while spending quality time with the family or take it along in a commuter coffee travel mug.

Whether you enjoy a cup at home before going to work or grab a cup of freshly brewed coffee as you head out the door, having the tools to make a cup of coffee that is the freshest possible produces a taste that cannot be beat.

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